Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Forward

It's really spring now, finally, and I am looking forward to going south: April 25th for the Books Alive 2015/Washington Writers Conference. And I'm looking ahead to the Writers Digest Conference in NYC on August 2nd - which seems very far off at the moment (summer?  hot weather? what's that?)  Then in the fall it's the Ridgefield Writers Conference in Connecticut, September 26th.

    My clients who chose the cold winter months for their book tours are now home and thawing out:
          * Veteran environmental journalist Mark Schapiro came east to discuss Carbon Shock: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of a Disrupted Global Economy (Chelsea Green) at Columbia, Rutgers, SUNY Stony Brook and snowy Boston University Law School
           * Loretta Napoleoni, whose book Islamic Phoenix, on the stunning rise of ISIS and why it is unlike any previous terrorist organization, sold to 18 foreign language publishers, toured throughout Europe: Rome, Milan Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Budapest, Zagreb and Stockholm   (Seven Stories Press, Feltrinelli)
* And world news sparked sales too on Julia Cooke's fascinating book on young Cubans, The Other Side Of Paradise (Seal Press).    

And May is for magazines:  
* Jonathan Rosenblum in Tikkun on the SeaTac wage fight and new paradigm of union organizing for an economy of inequality
* Scott Porch in Politico on Teddy White's seminal The Making of the President 1960  
*  Antonia Juhasz in Harper’s on the deep-sea damage from the BP 2010 disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

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