Friday, June 19, 2015

Welcome Summer!

     BEA is behind us, where we visited with publishers in town from New Hampshire, the Bay Area -- and China. (Wouldn't it be nice if we got to visit them all instead of the other way around?).  My first big deal of the summer - very topical nonfiction, to be announced at a later date - is done, and a slew of proposals are nearing submission perfection.  And finally it is warm enough for the beach, where I'll be for a long 4th of July weekend, with much to do beforehand.

     I'm thrilled that Joanna Russ, author of the classic and ever-timely THE FEMALE MAN, received The Solstice Award at the SWFA Nebula Awards in Chicago and will be the Memorial Guest of Honor at ReaderCon next month.  Would that she was still with us!

If you're here to query me, please scroll down. I’m interested in nonfiction of course  - and am also actively looking for new fiction to balance out the list.
                What I'm looking for:
      Fiction with strong storytelling, including YA, although I am very selective.   I have a wonderful genre-bending first novel readying for submission now.
     Nonfiction: narrative, history, science (I love math!), politics - especially the progressive kind, environmental books of all kinds, business, memoir.  Most of my clients, writing all of the above, are journalists.
      See my post below on what it's like to work with an agent.
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     A tip:  What day of the week do I (like most agents) receive the most queries on?  Tuesday.  Every week, without fail.  So you could consider querying me on another day.    Thanks!

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daneyul said...

Ack. All set to query yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd), then read this older post and decided to hold off and wait until a non-Tuesday (Wednesday, 23rd) only to see... closed for submissions as of today.

Sometimes I feel like I'm channeling Charlie Brown.