Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Harvest

    We are deep into summer, and deep into a bounty crop of new proposals and manuscripts, putting the final touches on projects for submission and new books due out in fall and winter, starting with Loretta Napoleoni's eye-opening MERCHANTS OF MEN, about the connections among ISIS, jihadists, kidnappings and refugee-smuggling that are transforming the world, due out in September from Seven Stories Press, and a dozen other foreign publishers, and in January 2017 from Atlantic Books UK, Rizzoli in Italy and Allen and Unwin in Australia.
     Congratulations to:
         Antonia Juhasz, on the inclusion of her June 2015 Harper's article "30 Million Gallons Under the Sea" on the deep-sea impact of the BP Gulf disaster in the 2016 Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology, forthcoming from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in the fall.
          Jonathan Slaght, on the debut of his blog East of Siberia with on the Scientific American website.
        Please scroll down to the bottom for instructions on how to submit through this site - which is the preferred method.   Below that, find a post on What An Agent Does if you would like to read about my approach to agenting.
       The agency is closed to both adult and YA fiction submissions while we prioritize submissions from the Writers Digest Conference, held here in NYC August 12th-13th.  We plan to reopen to fiction submissions after Labor Day please check back with us then.

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