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April 2023:  
Earth Month and Spring Cleaning time, and I'm concentrating on clearing out my submission backlog, which has become way too great after my mother's passing and settling of her estate, which included three generations of possessions and hundreds of my father's books, he was an English and Drama professor for fifty years! 

This means the agency is closed to all fiction submissions, and taking only nonfiction queries, including memoir, until further notice.


Querying through my site is the preferred method, as we see new queries this way within 12 hours of submission. If you're here to query me, please scroll down for instructions.

Scroll a bit further for a post on my agenting philosophy, if you would like to read that before querying.

Please consider checking out the agency Facebook page for news, events and samples of current client work, I post more frequently there than here.
You can also follow me on Twitter at:

 What I'm looking for:
     Nonfiction: my favorite categories are narrative nonfiction, history, science (I love math!), politics - especially the progressive kind, environmental books of all kinds from lifestyle to science to adventure, business, and memoir.  Most of my clients are journalists, writing all of the above.
     Fiction: strong storytelling - adult, YA, or middle grade. If it's literary fiction, I respond best to stories that are not too quiet and have unique, unexpected elements.  In genre fiction, I don't handle  romance, but I will consider other genres, especially science fiction and fantasy.    

     A tip:  What day of the week do I (like most agents) receive the most queries on?  Tuesday.  Every week, without fail.  So if you like to stand out from the crowd, do consider querying me on another day.  (But of course if everyone reading this avoids Tuesday, the day could be all yours!)



Diana Finch Literary Agency
116 West 23rd Street, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10011
917-544-4470 (no query calls please)

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